The Amazing Fingertizer

This amazing little gadget has been my soul mate for some years now, I've worn it daily (attached to my trouser belt) and I believe it’s helped keep me and my staff safe and sound from most common germs.

As a restaurant manager doing ‘hands on’ clearing and setting of tables one never knows what you will be touching or handling - dirty napkins, crockery etc and when children are eating often waste food in/on highchairs (or on the floor!). Not having Fingertizer sanitising after these situations would result in needing to go to the nearest wash basin to wash fingers / hands. Knowing I always have my Fingertizer on me I can cleanse faster wherever I am - ensuring that my fingers are protected at all times.

In the current stressful period as we battle Covid-19 I’m extremely grateful I can help protect my workforce by providing them each with a personal Fingertizer. I genuinely hope they hang on all of our belts for a long time to come and I’d like to say a personal thank you to Mark Savage for designing and creating it.

Tracy Speight (March 2020)
Restaurant Manager, Wetherby Whaler, Guiseley.