The Creators Perspective ...

Hi there, my name is Mark and my career background has been general manager of a popular (and very successful) restaurant chain in the north of England. For more than 30 years I have worked on the front line of the industry from sourcing product to serving customers, and it is the latter that brought about my desire to create something to improve the general hygiene and cleanliness in the industry.

Throughout the catering industry we employ people from varied backgrounds, but who all have the same habits (some very bad ones!) when it comes to hygiene. All workers when serving or waiting for the product almost always feel the need to do something with their hands, this usually involves subconsciously scratching an itch, brushing back their hair, or just touching their face, neck, nose or mouth… you get the picture!

All these, to a watching manager (especially in front of customers) are “earth open up and swallow me” moments. From my personal experience, outside of work, I have watched checkout operators patiently waiting for their next customer, scratching their faces and rubbing their noses before transferring those “unwanted extras” (germs) to my food packets and the bar code scanner. Occasionally, for my sins, I like to go out for a beer and on many occasions I see bar staff using their fingers in the used glasses to collect them, before immediately serving waiting customers, transferring germs from the last customer to the next, as they then pick up their drink and transfers those germs straight to there own fingers and mouth.

Health and hygiene are always top priorities in the catering and food industry, and thorough hand washing is acknowledged as the best solution… we all know that… but what about our busy staff who are on the front line? It is physically impossible for them to wash their hands between each transaction and every job... they are dealing with impatient customers (some of which are non too clean!), cleaning dirty tables, handling money etc. Money harbours many many germs and works as a conduit for bacteria. Worse still, our hands and fingers can be major distributors of bacteria through poor hygiene. Pump action sanitisers can help, however they are in fixed locations and we usually pump them 2-3 times, before standing around waving our hands for 30 seconds before carrying on working. Fingertizer® brings sanitation to your fingertips, dispensing the perfect measure of sanitising gel anywhere in the workplace all the time. The perfect solution!

Fingertizer® can be used before serving every customer, it can be used after handling cash, carried on the waist or mounted on the till. Because it dispenses the perfect measure of sanitiser it doesn’t slow you down, and allows you to continue from customer to customer uninterrupted.

The principle of Fingertizer® is not to sanitise the whole hand, but just the parts that come into contact with and transfer germs and bacteria most often.

Managers of every business have a responsibility to their staff and customers to show that they care about hygiene. Fingertizer® actively displays your company’s commitment to this cause. I hope you agree and that you will join me and MY staff in showing YOUR customers that you care!

Mark Savage
Inventor and developer of the Fingertizer®

Mark Savage